In Outcomes Based Education (OBE) there are educational principles which have to be kept in mind when developing learning material and facilitating such programs. As an accredited service provider SASRA's Associate is committed to the implementation of these educational principles.

All learners learn in different ways. Each learner has his/her own unique learning style, our facilitators are aware of each learners learning style and strive to accommodate these learners during facilitation sessions. OBE is not facilitator centered but should always be learner centered.

Courses may vary depending on the specific need(s) of the client. The length of these courses may for example differ from an only a few hours up to three weeks. Various courses could be combined to cover the specific need of the client.

Various courses may be coupled in order to form a more intense course covering a wider aspect of the Act.
The emphasis is that the client's needs must be taken into consideration. This has a major effect on the financial implications, as the correct training will be given to the correct persons. Time and money will not be wasted on courses which cover aspects that may not be applicable to that client for whom he / she may have had to pay, as it was a course taken "off the shelf", which could not be adjusted.

We are specialist in the training field and offering the following training courses:
Supervision Level 1
Supervision S.I.T. 2
Self management
Middle management
Time management
Top management / Strategic management
Occupational Health and Safety Act & Regulations
Accident / Incident Investigations
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
First Aid
Usage and handling of Personal Protected Equipment
Emergency Preparedness
Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Management of change
Environmental Management
Audits and monitoring


Being the preferred provider of sustainable Education, Training and Development, SASRA's Associate commits to the following and will assist clients in assuring quality in the following areas:
ISO 9001:2000
Institute of leadership and management (ILM)
Skills development levies Act (no 9 0f 1999
Code of ethics


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